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  • About | Itiya Studio

    One-Off Shop by category About About Search Results More yaiti_dsc3124 yaiti_dsc3159 yaiti_dsc3194 yaiti_dsc3124 1/13 About the brand All of the items are made in our London based studio by either Itiya herself or one of the in-house seamstresses to the highest standard. We believe in having a brand that can take care of the world, and where possible we use fabric leftovers for corsets' lining, and the smaller leftovers we send to a knitwear artist to knit bags with. All of our clothes are created with a lot of patience and care because of the detailed resolution and the fact that some items feature hand stitching techniques, printed fabrics designed by Itiya, some of which have been collaborations with illustrators (have a look! KITTY SHORTSH and I SCREAM COLOUR ) while others were drawings made by Itiya's brother 20 years ago. Therefore, the garments can take approximately 2 to 4 weeks depending on the process, finishing and studio space. So please be patient with us while we make your garment and remember it's worth the wait as much as it's worth the make! About me I'm Itiya, the designer and maker of Itiya Studio. I moved to London by myself for a degree in Fine Arts & History of Arts. I am obsessed with making objects come alive or create a character that has its identity expressed by objects. The main theme of my brand is based on my forced conscription to the army at 19 and feeling unfit to hold a gun, as well as growing up with two psychiatrist parents as different as the moon and the sun. By the age of 21 I suffered many identity crises so my work is metaphorized with a sense of confusion between soldier to officer, adult to kid, and how each has its own defense mechanism by playing games or fighting wars. With Itiya Studio, I reclaim the clarity or the ground I never had; by designing my own textiles and making bespoke garments sustainably and by up-cycling pre-loved items, I manage to unlearn things that adulthood taught me. Press and stockists UK: Bleaq Lunch Italy: Maga Archivio Mordant Magazine Cover Story Wilhelmina Curve - Issa's Portfolio Hunger Magazine Anaiis Interview Stylist Palesa Dlamini's portfolio Cake Magazine story Glitter ain't Gold music video Stylist Lucinda Graham's portfolio Stach Szumski Interview Coeval Magazine Heather Benjamin Interview Coeval Magazine Amalia Ulman feature Coeval Magazine Chan Moon Interview Coeval Magazine Style Du Mond Mad About Doin' magazine feature podcast episode with Katrina high snobiety sofia elias interview wearing itiya studio

  • Sustainable | Itiya Studio | England

    About sHOP rental Contact bespoke handmade up-cycled London, UK @itiyastudio 07835095654 itiya studio

  • Look Books | Itiya Studio

    page under construction! yaiti_dsc3124 yaiti_dsc3159 yaiti_dsc3194 yaiti_dsc3124 1/13 'Possessed' Video piece 2019 Fabric Sculpture sketches 2013 Installation Piece 2012 _MG_4221 _MG_4218 Describe your image _MG_4216 Describe your image _MG_4221 1/5

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