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Itiya studio designs their own textile, some like this one are collaborated on with illustrators (I Scream Colour, Kitty Shortsh) others are from drawings made by a 9 year old boy and some have been drawn by Itiya herself. We print our fabrics in a factory in London after an order is placed, therefore the time to produce your printed garment would take about 2 weeks, depending on the studio's pace. 

ice cream factory collection

I scream colour

in collaboration with illustrator I scream colour, i wanted to produce a collection inspired by the idea of characters in an imaginary ice cream factory, where each item represents one of the workers producing the ice cream within it.
there's the dyer that is in charge of dying the ice cream, the stirrer who stirs the ingredients, the taster who of course tastes it to make sure it is up to the taste standards, there's the taste forecaster that updates the recipe maker on the newest and trendiest tastes and there's the gatekeeper that makes sure no intruders arrive unwelcomed. there's the recipe reader that needs to have charisma and a good voice to read out the recipe to all the makers.
there's also a nutcracker! or actually, maybe he belongs to another story.....

campaign images shot by shalev ariel, styled by natasha bock and hair and makeup by ayaka nihei. 

this collection was made in collaboration with illustrator kitty shortsh on the graphics of the textiles which are what lead me into this naïve dreamworld direction.
The "sleep runners" collection is inspired by the idea of sleepwear used on the daily - the outdoors taken indoors because of having our beds and our offices mixed into one; the two-piece work suit and tie had been replaced by the two piece pyjamas set and used interchangeably. as you can see in the look-book slideshow, the tartan and striped fabric represents the classic suit and styled with the more flowy and pastel coloured pyjamas pieces.

the Sleep runners collection


campaign images shot by ruby pluhar, creative directed by fikayo olorontuba and itiya stawski.

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